In order to avoid responding to multiple queries dealing with the same questions, here’s a list of the most popular questions and answers.

 Q. Are images available for free download to site visitors?

 A. Images are not available for free downloading to site visitors. 


Q. Why do you have a website with images if they are not available for free download?

 A. The images on the website are protected by copyright law and ony available to approved account holders e.g. print publications, broadcasters, film production companies, book publishers, etc. Please contact the site administrator at: sales@iconicpix.com to register for an account.    


 Q. Can I buy an image from you?

 A.  You can only purchase prints of some of the images on the website where the photographer has granted permission for those images to be sold as prints.  The minimum size to order is A3 or 12”x16”.  No rights are transferred with the sale of prints.  Please enquire.


Q. Can I scan a print I buy from you and make prints or other products to re-sell on eBay?

 A. No, that would be in breach of the licence granted with the print for personal use.  Copying without permission is an infringement.  Without a licence to reproduce the image you will be in violation of the photographer’s Copyright and liable to legal action for damages.


Q. Can I buy a digital file of an image?

 A. Digital files are NOT available for sale.


Q. What if I make a screen grab and post the image on another site? 

A.  All images are heavily watermarked and can be traced using image tracing software.  Images grabbed are deemed to be stolen and makes the offender liable to legal action and a possible fine of $15,000 under USA Copyright law if the offence occurs in USA.